With so many exciting things happening in the fall it is hard to find time to get to the gym everyday. We get it. That's why we've created a 15 minute high intensity workout routine to tide you over on those crazy days when making the trek to the gym just isn't an option. Do this routine once in the morning and again a few hours before bed for optimum results. Did we mention it's a full body toning workout with no equipment needed?

  • Jumping jacks-3 mins
  • Squats-3 mins
  • Skater Lunges-30
  • Walking Lunges-30
  • Close Grip Push ups-25
  • Arm circles-1 min forward, 1 min backwards
  • Leg raises-25
  • Mountain Climbers-1 min 

keep the intensity high by taking minimal breaks (no more than 30 seconds). Good luck!