As we get deeper into fall, the mornings are getting cooler and cooler. It’s getting harder to get out of bed without the sun shining through the window.  We’ve got this morning thing down to a science, so here are some tips to help you conquer the early a.m. hours.

·      GO TO SLEEP EARLIER. This may seem obvious but “early” is relative.  Aim to be in bed by 9:30 to allow your body and mind to relax before falling asleep. Going to bed earlier and getting an adequate amount of sleep every night reduces the grogginess that sometimes plagues us in the mornings.

·      Wake up earlier. There is nothing worse than rushing around in the morning. Doing a hundred things within the first 20 minuets of your wake up call is not only stressful, which can affect your whole day, but you are often much more prone to forgetting things when you are rushing. You forget to eat, forget your lunch, forget to pack your presentation for work, forget your kid’s homework.  Having more time in the mornings will definitely cut down on the stress.

·      We’ve touched on the importance of meditation in a few blogs before, but seriously it’s important! Sometimes we get so busy throughout the day that we can’t imagine sitting and “doing nothing” for 10 minuets. It’s hard for us too, but making the time to meditate is so worth it! Allot yourself 5-10 minuets before you have to get up to sit in bed and meditate.  New to meditation? Get an app! We love guided meditations on the “Headspace” app.

·      Pack your stuff the night before. Work, school, gym, etc. It seems we have to bring more with us for our busy days than on a weekend vacay. Pack your bags the night before so you can easily grab it and go in the morning. Don’t forget to have your breakfast and lunch ready to go. *Bonus Tip-I’ll admit, laying out your clothes for the day the night seem be a bit juvenile, but have at least an idea of 2 outfits that you can wear that you know is clean, fits, and is appropriate for wherever you’re going. Outfit planning cuts down on the time you spend to get ready in the mornings.

·      Have a morning routine. Meditate, shower, skincare, get dressed, coffee/tea, breakfast, go. Having an enjoyable morning ritual gives you something to look forward to so you’re excited in the mornings.

·      Set a positive intention for your day! Say to yourself, “Today is going to be a great day,” even if you’re morning isn’t running as smoothly as anticipated (although if you follow these tips you should be on your way to a stress free morning).  If you’re happy in the morning, why not be happy for the rest of the day?

We love early mornings at Sweet Science. Use our tips to get to one of our 5:30am workouts. Nothing wakes the body up better than a good sweat!