We get this question a lot from parents? It’s a tough one to answer since you know your kid better than we do but here’s a few things to consider to:

·      You’re child won’t start boxing and immediately be put in the ring to spar. A lot of kids train every day just for fun! All fighters, kids included, need extensive technique training and an appropriate conditioning regime before they can ever get in the ring.

·      Hyperactivity, ADD, anger, grief, and a slew of other issues kids can face can be remedied in the gym. Boxing cultivates discipline and is a positive outlet for kids to let out any negative emotions, not to mention the workouts are sure to exhaust even the most active child (you’re welcome parents).

·      Obesity and weight related diseases. Concerned about the physical health of your child? Take the iPad away and put him or her in the gym. Fun and intense workouts will cause any excess weight to slide right off, without the typical gym routine that may be boring to young kids. Please be aware that sports aren’t a complete problem solver. A colorful diet, frequent activity, and a loving home are really going to propel your child into a lifelong healthy lifestyle!

·      TRUST YOUR COACH! If boxing seems like it would be a positive thing for your child, please make sure that you trust your child’s coaches. Be sure that your child is working out in a safe environment with positive people. Coach Dave has been in the boxing game for 35 years and has trained elite fighter Manny Taylor since childhood all the way to a World Title fight. There is no telling what you child’s future may be. Who knows, you may have a World champion on your hands!